Intelligent Palletizing production line(robot)
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Stacking Robot System

1,Functional characteristics:

 Operation screen by touching, simple operation.
 Stable structure, low failure rate, easy to maintain.
 Less main parts, less distribution, low maintenance cost.
 Energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, labor cost savings.
 Small area, can adapt all kinds of working environments.
 Higher security, can keep long time stable operation continuously.

2,Application fields:

Chemical industry, building materials,beverage, beer, automatic logistics and other industries, with different grippers, can achieve various forms of finished products in different industries for packing and piling.

3. Applicable packing form:

Can be used in bags, packing-cases, cans, boxes, bottles (can be customized according to what the user know of non-standard grip)

intelligent bag stacking system

Stacking machine is to put the materials that already placed in the woven bags and  the regular items that have been packaged and unpacked on the pallet (wooden) in a certain arrangement. Push out after they stacking multi-layer automatically so that the next packaging or forklift can be carried to the warehouse for storage.
Automatic packaging stacking equipment is widely used in powder and granular materials of  petrochemical, food, medicine, seed, grain, non-ferrous minerals and building materials.

Packaging and Palletizing production line

1. Packaging machine
2. bag-sewing machine  
3. push bag conveyor
4. curve conveyor  
5. dynamic check weigher
6.metal detector
7. conveyor with equipment for rejecting detective products  
8. elevating conveyor
9.conveyor with bag shaping equipment
10.conveyor for grabbing  
11.automatic pallet provider
12.conveyor for empty pallet  
13.conveyor for palletizing
4. conveyor for full pallet
15.conveyor for forklift

 Pictures of various mechanical arms: