Dynamic face recognition machine
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Ⅰ, Face Recognition -close range

product introduction

Dynamic face machine is a face recognition product with high performance and reliability. Based on the deep learning algorithm, it has the characteristics of fast recognition speed and high accuracy. Support face recognition 1:1 and 1:N mode, support IC card, NFC card and other verification methods.


Office areas, schools, communities, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, ships, public service places, etc.

Product feature:

1, Excellent wall mounted industrial design, smooth line
2, 5 inch IPS ALL Sight LCD display
3, The recognition accuracy is up to 99.99%, and recognition speed is less than 0.7 seconds.
4, Support 2000 face images, support for in Vivo detection. Living life detection.
5, Support WI-FI, BT function, IC card, NFC card and other card reading functions are optional.

Technical parameters:


 Ⅱ.  Camera-Remote Face Recognition

Application field and picture: