Water Treatment Machine
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SHANGHAI PHALANX ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. always pays high attention to the water quality, and persists in improving the water quality with advanced water treatment machines and related technologies.
Our company insists on the full implementation of ISO9001-2000 standards. We established good cooperation with American Hydranautics Nitto Denko, Dow Chemical, GE and Groundfos in Denmark. The cooperation with international companies will improve the quality of our water treatment products.
Our  products includes
(1) multi-media filter system, ultra-filtration, water softener, reverse osmosis system, EDI system , ion exchanger.
(2) wastewater treatment
(3) pure water treatment material: filter element, water treatment chemicals.
(4) all kinds of membrane modules: Hydranautics, Dow, Toray
(5) all kinds of instruments and pumps.
The scope of products application: factory, school, college, restaurant, hotel, bank, pharmacy, textile dyeing, agriculture, troops and so on. 

1.Single Stage Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Performance feature: this system adopts the most advanced reverse osmosis membrance.

The entire RO system can be controlled by microcomputer. The microcomputer controls the on-off of pump, high and low pressure, automatic cleaning. The characteristics of this system are low noise, high efficiency, low cost and easy operation. 

Water output: 0.25t/h-100t/h

Water output conductivity:≤10us/cm

Application: this system can be used for making space water, purified water, distilled water; the early stage of water usage among pharmacy, electronic, food industry; sea water desalination, wastewater treatment from heavy industries.

Note: Quartz sand filter in single stage RO machine can remove the impurities below 5um, and the rate of desalination can be above 97%

Flow chart of Single Stage Reverse Osmosis Equipment

2.Two-Stage Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Equipment


Water output: 0.25t/h-100t/h

Water output conductivity:≤0.2us/cm

Application:This system can provide water for medical sterile water, pyrogen-free purified water, cosmetic water and deionized water for electroplate factories

Note: More than 97% soluble salts and 99%glues, microbe, particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with the reverse osmosis. 

3. Mixed Bed System

Mixed bed is mainly used to reduce the hardness, alkalinity, the ion of anion and cation of the water, making the water become demineralized water or deionized water


(1)The PH is near neutral
(2)The water quality is steady. There is almost no influence to the Mix Bed when the condition changes.
(3)intermittent operation affects the water quality slightly. The  water quality recovers fast.

Flow chart of Reverse Osmosis Equipment + Mix bed


4.EDI System

EDI system is for purifying water quality under the effect of dc field

RO+Mixed bed system, RO+EDI system can be applied to integrated circuit cleaning, semiconductor production, lithium battery production, laboratory water, fine chemical engineering, power plant boiler water supplementation

5. Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Equipment


Performance feature: the UF bore diameter is between 0.0015-0.1um, it can hold back1000 to 5 million molecules. It is suitable for the separation between macromolecule and micromolecule

Flow chart

Ultrafiltration water treatment equipment is a common manner for beverage industry and daily drinking water. The clear water can  be adopted to wine, soft drinks, and daily drinking water such as mineralized water, mountain spring water.

6.Water Treatment Machine Accessories

 Automatic valve water softener system                   Reverse osmosis membranes                                                       




  Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane                            Ultrafilter





Automatic multichannel valve                               Water treatment chemicals


Glass fiber reinforced plastics                         
Multi-channel flush valve                                                   

pretreatment tank

Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump       vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump                               


Electrical resistance meter                                   Pressure gage



           PP Filter element                                    
Ultraviolet sterilizer