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    JINHUA SHENG CHANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a company.The specialty is engaged in the printing and packaging machinery reseach and development and manufacturing science and technology enterprises, over the years committed to the die cutting,horizontal cutting, stamping, cutting and bag making equipment development,was born production and developmet. Company to meet the dem and of high-end customers, save human resources  and raw materials for the purpose, and actively the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology,in view of the domestic printing packaging the demand of the market, successfully developed the all mooving couplets bronzing machine(online), automatic couplet cut machine,drum materials flat die cutting indentation machine, don't try rubber die cutting  creasing machine,automatic roll paper alignment hot cut machine, paper gravure printing, computer cutting  bag making machine,cutting machine,etc technical equipment. And applied for many national patents, the company has passed IS9001:2008 quality management system certification.Products are widely used in printing and packaging and other industries,well received by user. The above system in production list of products at the same time, our factory can also according to the user to develop product solutions and special set different demand design and manufacturing all kinds of special equipment.